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Default Re: 2 studios/ Need help


I never knew a post could encourage such bickering, especially back to the original poster who was just looking for some friendly advice. If you skim the my original post you will see that I was never under the impression that it was going to be sold. And, I never said it was in development at 2 studios. If that was the case, I don't think I would be posting on the internet, I'd be out celebrating.

The script is in "story development" as I said in the first post. Possibly they have different creative nicknames for the stage in each studio... I don't know. Maybe I should have been more precise. It is beyond the original coverage stage. The head of story development at both places is giving me notes and additional feedback. Not a huge deal, I'm aware. I was just curious to see if anyone got their foot in the door (getting in at a studio is in my opinion far greater than many other places) and it warranted enough attention to snatch a decent agent.

I am playing everyone's favorite waiting game as we speak, and I know that after the notes there will be many long nights of revisionism, which will hopefully improve the script. Fantastic. I was curious to see if getting notes from 2 studios would generate enough heat to spread it around to a few agencies. The general sentiment seems that it is not. Maybe after the first round of notes...

Waiting and Seeing,


By the way, thank you for all your help. Especially you Boobsie, that was a great post. And I appreciate your enthusiasm, writerly. Thanks again.
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