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Default Re: 2 studios/ Need help


I'm not trying to be a ballbuster here, but I gotta get this straight: you are saying that the Head of Story Development at one of these six companies:

the 20th Century Fox (owned by News Corporation)
Paramount Pictures (owned by Viacom)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (owned by Sony)
NBC Universal Entertainment (owned by General Electric)
Warner Bros. Entertainment (owned by TimeWarner)
New Line Cinema (owned by TimeWarner)
Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group (owned by The Walt Disney Company)

(who is a usually a VP at least, I'm not gonna drag out the HCD and find names, but I think everyone will more or less concede this) is personally doing an enhanced coverage of your spec, which his studio doesn't own? And this is happening with not one $500K-$1m/year studio exec, but two?

This presupposes to me that your friend is a VP or higher, in which case she should just buy the damn thing.

Either that or someone is confused. Maybe me.
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