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Default Re: Warner Brothers Pitch

Dudes, I was in EXACTLY that situation several times before my first sale.

And I ALWAYS walked.

Because I'm not in the business of pitching ideas for other people to work on.

I'm in the business of writing for a living.

And I was never, ever desperate. Even when things were -- desperate.

If you let yourself be thrown off your own project -- and yes, that's what it is when they buy the idea and talk about "story credit," that's you being thrown off -- then you're starting off telling them you're not a writer.

You're just some guy they need to get rid of before they go ahead with your project.

And yes, as several here have pointed out, NOBODY CAN PROMISE YOU ANY WRITING CREDIT AT ALL on a deal covered by the WGA.

I know that, too, from having been an arbiter on many a WGA credit arbitration.

I want to emphasize that last part -- on a WGA project, nobody can guarantee you a story credit.

Not by contract, not any which way.

That's a bedrock clause of the WGA's contract with the signatory studios.

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