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Default Re: So, I got my first meeting with a producer tomorrow afternoon...

Originally Posted by sc111 View Post
Jeff --

Okay, fair enough. I have another question for you (and anyone else in the biz who can chime in). And I do appreciate your time. It's a sincere question -- not a gotcha thing ...

I was wondering if there is a risk for the new unsold, unoptioned writer to get overexposed to a degree (not in the naked sense), going to a lot of meetings, landing no sale, no assignment, yet their name getting known (sometimes actually being asked outright who else has read their scripts) ... could it be a detriment to become known as someone virtually everyone has met with but no one has hired? At some point will the rose pale?
No you can't become overexposed if you are meeting people through their interest in your writing. It is possible to become a PITA if you harangue people and have nothing to offer, but if you have interesting writing and some basic social skills, being known can only be good - whether you are unsold/unoptioned or not.
"Friends make the worst enemies." Frank Underwood
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