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Default Re: So, I got my first meeting with a producer tomorrow afternoon...

Originally Posted by RichMike View Post
Are you typing: They like him because he has a good spec and because he kept a good attitude when his first meetings about the script went nowhere?

Sounds awesome!
Yeah. There are two different prod/cos that really took to the guy. Both happened to be at Warners. And there's an exec at Warners that really liked him. In fact I think that's how he got his agent and met the producers.

So here's how it plays out...

Guy writes great spec.

I give it to my manager. He takes 3 months to read it. Loves it.

Gives it to a few agents. Gets no traction.

Goes out with spec. People love it. No sale but tons of meetings.

One of the people who loves it is Warner exec.

Warner exec gives it to producers and tells ICM "you should rep this guy, I'm gonna find a way to get him working."

Rest is history in the making.


he's also up for other gigs too
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