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Default Re: Consulting on a Major Studio Project

You're simply wrong. First off, we're not talking about speccing a script for a producer, so this is already two completely different things.

Second, here are the three things I said to keep in mind when considering speccing a script. I think it's a pretty fair summary of what the pros who've talked about speccing with a producer have advised:

Originally Posted by JeffLowell View Post
I think the three questions to keep in mind are:

Do I love the idea?
How credible are the producers?
What happens to the script if it doesn't sell?
It seems like the OP in this thread loved the idea.

The production company who controls the material and he signed the contract with is "an outside first-timer."

Again, there was never a script to sell, and obviously no conversation about what would happen to it, since it never existed.

So, it passes the smell test on one out of three criteria.

To suggest that the pros here would have told him to do this isn't supported by any conversation that's taken place on this board.
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