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Default Re: Latest Writer's Store/Insider 15 page Contest

Originally Posted by etwriter View Post
Bmcthomas, this may be the last thing you want to hear but I would take being runner-up as a mark that your writing is up to par -- actually more that up to par, good even, considering the number of entries they usually get. It may simply be that the finalists had a tone that fit better with the Screenwriter selecting the final scripts.

Honestly, I would have been very happy as a runner-up it means I'm getting better, I'm improving, my work is at a level respectable to a professional. At risk of sounding like another self loathing writer, it's set backs of not even placing that make me question if I even progressed my craft. So take this how you will, but this is a good thing because it means when you submit again whether to contest or for representation you know you are that much closer to professional level writing.
Thanks. I just needed a day to feel bitter and sorry for myself before shaking it off and moving forward. I wrote my first screenplay in February, so I guess it is progress to have made it this far in that amount of time. But that was the main reason I wanted to advance in this contest - I really wanted that mentorship program. Oh well. Maybe a couple of the finalists will meet with mysterious accidents. Don't mind me as I walk away whistling innocently...
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