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Default Re: CE or Head of Development?

Originally Posted by docgonzo View Post
I was thinking about targeting a few production companies and wondered who would be best to query for a read, the CE or the head of development? Have people here had success querying higher level execs or is it more advisable to target lower-level employees because they'll be more likely to say yes? I've never approached prod cos via cold querying, just reps, so don't really know what's the best way. Thanks.
Low level employees. If you're targeting production companies yourself with no representation, I'd be surprised if you could get any response out of a Head of Development of Senior VP. But if you go lower on the ladder, you have baby executives who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Though I'd recommend finding some representation. Having a manager call and talk up your work, even if he/she isn't from a major company, will make you a lot more likely to get a read.
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