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Default Re: $300 million deal with Netflix Attn: Ed or ...

Originally Posted by socalwriter1 View Post
Re: Films that stop saving the cat.

I believe this refers to Blake S.'s premise that the hero does something nice to get the audience to like him/her.

So you want the hero to do something bad to get the audience to like him/her? Just kidding. Ed or anyone, pls clarify/elaborate re: that statement..

Not to speak for Ed, but I took it as simply saying no more films that "color by number" so to speak. One of the things Save The Cat is famous for is saying "this scene should happen on this page." Obviously, if everyone follows that rule, films get formulaic rather quickly. It was supposed to be a template for selling a spec to a studio in the first decade of the 2000s but the landscape has changed rather drastically since then. With more buyers comes more opportunity for originality.
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