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Default Re: Studio Speak (What's The Deal)

I want to say thanks for your thoughts and experiences. I wanted to respond to some of your statements and questions.

creativexec: “You would increase your chances of success, if you wrote a script that simply inspired ‘love.’"

My Response: It inspires something. What? I don't know.

Boski: “….double (at a minimum) any and all timeframes anyone gives you for responding to anything.”

My Response: Tell me about it… it’s been two Fridays now. We've talked before. She's read my other specs. She passed on the others, but noted the strong writing but it didn't go any further than that. This latest submission, she's showing it to others for their opinion which is a first for me.

odriftwood: “777, can I call you 7?”

My Response: U Can call me 7 , 777-9311 , or the son of the Purple One

Jake Schuster: “Hurry up and wait.”

My Response: I’ve come to expect the worse.

writerly: "…by "unique" is it a genre thing?”

My Response: No. It’s just a VERY unique script (character-wise, visually and dialogue-wise.)

writerly: “I wonder if she has someone specific she's giving it to or is just a general comment?”

My Response: I know there are people above her. She’s a CE at the studio.

writer0825: “I have to say, I'm not really understanding WHY she's passing it around if she's not a fan of the script? Also the other people that liked it, are they at the same company?”

My Response: I don’t understand either by mentioning that she’s not a “fan” of the material, but wants to get someone else’s opinion through me for a loop. As mentioned before, she passed on my other works; and didn’t give it to someone else to consider. However, with those other scripts, she did compliment me on the writing. And to answer your last question, all of the people are at the same studio.

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