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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by BattleDolphinZero View Post
Loglines are not scripts. Loglines suck. And good loglines are often lies. A well executed script means there is a talented writer. If there is a system that is slanted towards loglines, that is inverse of where the slant should be, no?
Originally Posted by halloweenjak View Post
Agree. And my script is just the opposite.

It has a horrible logline, as Lowell pointed out. My logline sounds like a bad Scooby Doo episode, and if I posted in on the Black List site would get ignored.
I hate to agree with halloweenjak because he unabashedly referred to me as a moron recently (Grr), but he and BDZ are spot on.

So many loglines don't do justice to the script. Mine has an out of this world story, and is chock-full of futuristic, philosophical themes, but I can't cram all that into one bloody sentence.

So the result is a hollow, amateurish logline, which to date, hasn't gotten me any reads.
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