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Default Re: What's Hallmark, Lifetime Paying?

Originally Posted by socalwriter1 View Post
The top exec at Hallmark cable said in an interview either earlier this year or last that the Christmas/Family themed movies were very successful for them and will be expanding their offerings.

So it would make sense they would want additional "fresh" writers but I couldn't find (on google) where or whom within Hallmark to pitch to. MAWriter, hope you have better luck.
Thanks. Yes I heard the same; Christmas movies bring in decent ratings. I actually haven't tried yet. I have something so I was wondering if it would be worth it to engage them.

I don't believe you can pitch directly to Hallmark. Production companies (usually in Canada) are the ones to contact. I mentioned Chesler Perlmutter on a thread I started about SyFy. CP is listed here but not with much info on updated projects. They're cater to Lifetime and Hallmark crowd. Think I will look for a couple more companies like them and try anyway.
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