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Default Re: Querying studios

Ha ha, if you ask if you can or should pitch a studio, you've already lost your edge.

The edge? I don't mean to offend, but the edge is that you're too new and too ignorant to know not to pitch them!

I did pitch a studio exec... a guy named Franklin Leonard way way back in 2009 when he was with Universal... but it was about a very unusual and specific project. It was not to merely send a screenplay.

It led to an invitation from him to "have your agent or ATTORNEY make this request". Which I did (and I've had that attorney on-hand ever since).

Well, I won't get into the long sorry tale here, but obviously it didn't pan out, probably because the request got lost in transit. FL moved to Overbrook Entertainment, and my lawyer's formal (and paid) request probably got overlooked. When I followed up on my own, a few months later, the Universal machine sent back their expected "get lost and cease and desist" letter.

But I'd never have even tried, if I knew what I do today.

So I guess the only possible way you might get through to a studio is if your project catches someone's eye and it's forwarded to their Indie division, which some studios have. Then there is VPF (a junior rep taking pitches there), as I mentioned earlier in this thread.

Even still, there are so many other targets for your pitches - prodcos of various sizes, not to mention reps - that you just don't need to waste time on studios.

At least not till you're a producer yourself, and approaching them in that context.
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