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Default Re: Managers -- What Is and Is Not An Ideal Relationship

Actually, having read both lists again, I think mine would just be redundant. Mine is a mix of docgonzo and Satriales. And I can't really think of anything useful to add in addition.

I'd say my biggest gripe is: Show me the submission grid. He did that with my first script so I could keep track of who's passing. But now, not really. I think I was a bit spoiled when my ex repped me for a bit, she'd tell me everyone it's going to and just blind CC me on all emails (this was when I was at Resolution, then Gotham). I knew exactly what was going on, good and bad.

But, agents can be the same way (i.e not share intel). With a pilot I wrote when I was at CAA my agent was like "Cool, I'll take a look at the new draft." I don't hear sh!t for weeks. Then: "Hey... there are 4 producers who want to attach, I'm setting meetings. What's you're availability?"

I'm like "WTF?!? I didn't even know you sent it out." I like to know who it's going to, and I like to know individual passes. WHO didn't like my sh!t?

With this new one it's gone out incredibly slow. Maybe he's more focused on docgonzo. LOL.
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