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Default Re: Managers -- What Is and Is Not An Ideal Relationship

Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
reading these, I feel like I need a new manager.

The reason being is that these managers seem way more motivated than mine.

I have a very detached agent at one of the big three and my manger only reacts to my pushing. The problem is he's a pretty big guy and he and his place have connections, so a little of his attention can mean a lot.

Still though my agent is a partner and he is super connected too. Maybe I need a younger manager with a little more hustle.

I've been resisting the move but I think it might be time.

I've got to tell him though before I start looking right?
I would first give him a heads up that you're not happy and why. Maybe he'll shift gears and be more active. If he's like "Meh..." Start the search. He's been put on notice.

But, I do think every (EVERY!) rep should check in once a week. "You good? Need anything?" It's an easy email. And every so often, 2 months? "Is there anything more I could be doing for you?"

I told my ex to do this. I said "Look, I'm a creative, I know what we want. Do what I'm telling you or you're gonna lose clients. In fact, ____ within the agency is trying to poach your client and be the lead agent. Trust me!" She wouldn't do it. Guess what happened, several clients left. And that agent became the lead and she was cut out. She was surprised. I wasn't AT ALL. Dude... I told you exactly what to do! Now look, you've lost some big clients. One of these clients was making 100k a week on doctoring. WHY would you not check in with them?

BTW - That's one thing that pisses me off now. I puppeteerd this chick's entire career and I get zero credit for it. The town thinks it was all her. FALSE! Had I known we were gonna get a divorce I would have fought to have my name on some of these deals.

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