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Default Re: Going Wide in 2019

Originally Posted by brandonbaek67 View Post
Speaking of the shift/change of going wide, it seems like more managers do this without agents compared to like ten years ago?

When I look at the latest tracking boards, I wonder if it makes a lot of difference if an agent is "involved" in going out.
My first spec we took out wide last August. We didn't have an agent involved. Had an agent at a three letter place trying to package, but we got sick of waiting and needed to strike for a variety of reasons.

True story, period. 65+ prodcos. Over the weekend had producers fighting for territories. It was a naked spec and you aren't selling a $50m adult drama without attachments. But mission accomplished as far as getting it out there and I got fans at production companies and with buyers.

Next spec in November - went to a couple three letter places first. Got two A++ listers interested but had to go one at a time for exclusivity reasons. So it took a while. Ultimately passes. Ended up going with the three best fits for producers to take to buyers. Buyers liked, but wanted a package.

So still trying to package those two.

This last one, the "strategic rollout" has been a pain in the ass. No incentive to read quickly on the part of prodcos. Takes forever. We got it to the one buyer it makes sense for, but the slow drip sucks.
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