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Default Re: Your Modus Operandi

As time has gone by I've created more and more detailed outlines. Then I revise the outline until I've made the best possible decision about every scene.

Then I write - usually on the weekends. I put on my proper playlist - general writing music, action scenes or romantic scenes - and lock myself in my office until I've written as much as I feel like I can write. I try to go for 5 pages. Any time I feel like quitting, I push myself to write one more page, and often I end up writing two or three more.

Then I take notes on all the changes I want to make, then I revise. Then I get notes. Then I do a major rewrite. Then I get more notes. Then I rewrite again. Then I put it down for a week. Then I rewrite again. Then I send it out. Then I think about it and probably rewrite some stuff again because as you know, nothing is ever finished.
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