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Default Re: Producer from Hell

Chain of title is important - most financiers and all studios will clear it before proceeding to production. However, asking a writer to hire a lawyer for something that may or may not matter based on some random IMDb credit is too drastic.

Scripts are optioned, re-optioned, developed, put into turnaround etc. Very few of them have no baggage by the time green light rolls around. But at this stage none of this matters. The option expired. If you want to submit your script, go ahead and do so. If someone likes your play and wants to turn it into a film, none of this will stand of the way of them acquiring rights.

You'll have to disclose to them that at one point your script was under option, they'll do legal comparison of drafts (if a draft was ever done under that producer's supervision) and figure out the best way to proceed. You don't clear chain of title, they do, so don't waste time and money on doing so. Each company has their own way of doing it anyway, so you'll never guess and will probably piss off that producer. Just leave it alone and don't worry about it!! Not now.

But knowing all this, you should be careful with your contracts going forward. Clean paper trail is your best defense, not some IMDb blooper.
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