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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Originally Posted by dimkanovikov View Post
Centos, thank you for feedback! I tried to post to that thread, but forum administrator moved my topic to promotion... If I can make new post or if you can make post there it would be great!
That's odd. Fade In Pro and Trelby announcements were listed in that forum(?). At any rate, I've posted a message with a link to this thread and, when I write a "review" (of sorts), I'll post it there.

Originally Posted by dimkanovikov View Post
But now I continue in current topic!

Our friend Pedro Terrero published a video presentation of KIT Scenarist in Spanish! He also made small blog post. If Spanish is your native language or you can read it with the dictionary or with google translate you can read post by link -

It's great to see how our project is crossing through one more barrier - through language barrier!
That's good to hear. So far I can't find any major issues ... one time when I went from dark theme to light theme it crashed, but it had automatically saved my script, so I didn't lose anything (was only testing anyhow).

Out of curiosity, does Scenarist run on java?
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