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Originally Posted by Bono View Post
And that's why I always say separate the work and the artist. You will go crazy trying to do anything else. Animal House and An American Werewolf in London are amazing movies and remain so. You can still enjoy them without remorse. The movies and TV shows didn't do anything wrong.
Definitely. I grew up loving The Blues Brothers and Trading Places, but I didn't even know about The Twilight Zone incident until last year. Nothing will change my love for those movies, or the fact that Landis is a talented director. What has changed is the way I view him as a human being. His legacy is forever tarnished in that regard because of his behavior.

All the misconduct scandals of the past few years have forced us to relitigate how we see so many beloved (or at least, admired) figures in arts and entertainment. It's a sad process, especially when there's so much nostalgia involved, but it's necessary.
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