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Default Re: Great script services: The Screenplay Mechanic and the Wheelhouse Writer

Originally Posted by eireu2 View Post
Manfred- your questions might have been asked of the reader privately, rather than posting them here...


(And many readers don't have any credits at all... I would go as far as to say most don't...)
I *did* ask her privately (with no luck). In fact I even asked here on this thread several days ago before contacting her (see third post), but no one answered. I agree that many excellent readers don't have produced credits, nor would I ever expect this to be requirement. But the whole point is that Centurio advertised her as someone very selective with three produced feature film credits. So these outstanding credentials is why one would presumably go through her application process. Which is fine by me. The only thing I ask is to at least know who she is and what these movies are before sending the essay, payment and screenplay.

The reason I'm sharing my experience is because Centurio's recommendation/advertisement in this very thread is what caused me to contact her in the first place, and I feel her essay and application process were not clearly disclosed. I think it's only fair that the positives be shared along with the negatives. And the only negative thing I am currently saying is that all this secrecy and radio silence is strange. Why not say who she is and what the films are?
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