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Default Re: Great script services: The Screenplay Mechanic and the Wheelhouse Writer

Originally Posted by eireu2 View Post
And, manfred, apologies for not replying to your question. I didn't (and don't) have an answer. I don't pick readers based on credits, so I don't know anything about WW's own work.
No worries I'm glad you shared your positive experience. Posts like yours are the best way to share with others good tips that can help us all along our writing journeys. But unfortunately sometimes user experiences can vary. In my particular case I was just really surprised that after 'opening' myself up to her with a lot of personal information on myself and my screenplay, she wouldn't say who she was and instead emailed me again her list of requirements. It just seemed cold, if not a bit rude. But maybe everything was just a miscommunication. It is possible. At this point I guess it's best to give her the benefit of the doubt and just wait for her response if she wants to. It's okay if she doesn't. I'll respect her right to absolute anonymity. It just seems odd.


Originally Posted by eireu2 View Post
I honestly have no idea what "essay" is being referred to.
On a last note (and I do mean last note because I think it's time for me to drop this, move on and mend fences ), the whole thing about calling it an essay was a rhetorical device used to make a point. If you look at my initial negative post you'll see all I said was that one of her requirements almost "sounded like a university application-package essay". The actual line in her email that gave me this impression is this:

"If this sounds good to you email me your Logline, genre, and what you think makes your script stand out, any particular areas of concern, and I'll let you know if its a project I can accept at this time."
(My emphasis)

NOTE TO WW (Kelly): if you are reading this, all is forgiven I also sincerely apologise for having made such a stink out of all this. It stems from the fact that I felt a bit judged when you didn't respond the way I was expecting. I'm sure you have valid reasons for remaining anonymous.
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