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Default Re: How can screenwriters control pace? Any thoughts on unintentional slowness?

Personally I don't pay attention to the page numbers anymore because they can trip you up. I just take that totally out of the equation and follow my narrative gut.

If it feels too slow I change it. If it feels too fast I change that too. My concern now is much more about *what* is on the page. And although I keep an outline or a treatment, I deviate accordingly because at the end of the day, outlines aren't scripts and don't always amount to good scripts, otherwise we wouldn't have to rewrite.

So my recommendation on pace is that (deep down) you already know this answer if you are honest about your work. If you've watched movies and heard stories since you were a kid, you know when things feel slow.

But a lot of time we ignore those things, thinking something will get by a reader, or that we can write around a problem. Sometimes a whole scene might need lifted and this can feel daunting. But you have to do it. Save that scene for your next script. See the whole forest.
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