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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by Rhodi View Post
Couple of critical questions:

1. There should be some ballpark indication of the current turn-around times for an evaluation. If it takes a month to get one (not saying it does), then essentially your first month's fee would be wasted.

2. How does the system handle multiple evaluations? Does it average the scores or is each evaluation independent?
1. Entirely contingent on the number of purchases of reads from our members. For obvious reasons, we're trying to keep that turnaround time under one month, and given current load, we expect to be able to deliver on that. We're also instituting other measures to drive traffic to uploaded scripts based on genre and subject matter before we have quality evaluations from our readers.

2. It's neither an average nor entirely independent. We use a few factors tricks of math, like Bayesian estimates, to determine our top scripts, and the recommendations are even more complex, as you'd imagine.
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