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Originally Posted by lostfootage View Post
I just logged in to ask the same exact question. Has anyone moved past the first round with this one? I am mostly worried about the video. I'm extremely shy and hate video and photographs -- like at the phobia level. I have edited video (of my bands playing, I play bass with my back to the camera, fwiw) and can do the technical part of making a 30 second clip. It's the facing the camera part that is hard. And I'm sure they won't entertain any gimmicks to hide my face. ah, blech. But I have a script I want to submit so I want to get over this hurdle.
know what i did?

i typed up my response for the video and made it small like the size of an index card then taped it to my laptop immediately below the camera and just tried to look like i was looking right at the camera speaking, really fast. haha.

it took a couple takes but it was my first time and the best i could do. i managed to get it right at 30 sec.
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