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Default Re: Software suggestions

Originally Posted by Staircaseghost View Post
This is November the first, not April.

Originally Posted by ManbunShiva View Post
So I got feedback from the BL reader, and the main problem was my formatting.
I got good analysis for the script overall. I agree with the reader, I essentially didn't format it, this was my first script and I used CELTX

Can you guys suggest a better software which is free? Now that my feedback has been positive, I'd like to put it in INDUSTRY FORMAT, as the reader said. Thanks.
If you ARE serious about your question, then CELTX should work fine... Did you choose "script/screenplay" when you started writing your story? It lets you format it correctly there. Just hit the "TAB" button or use the left hand side guide.

Have you read any screenplays? I mean start there, if you don't even know what the format looks like no program is going to help you. CELTX works fine for industry format.
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