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Default Re: Software suggestions

Originally Posted by ManbunShiva View Post
Let me clarify. I had the FREE version of CELTX, which was rather limited in it's offerings and was only available free as a trial version. My trial has expired. You mean to say there's no software that's free out there that's good besides CELTX?
you can use the full version of celtx FREE online Now this is not convenient if you often write in a remote non wi-fi place, but has its perks when you can work on the story from different connected computers, and different writers can all work together from home.

I imagine there are other free, software, but I've only used celtx in the free category and simply stating that using CELTX you CAN format it properly start to finish.

Outside of that, why would you pay 100 bucks or whatever BlkLst charges but not invest 25 bucks on writing software if this is something you want to take seriously?

I see where the April comment came in lol.

Best of luck man!
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