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Originally Posted by CthulhuRises View Post
It's an incredibly vexing phenomenon, isn't it. There's a (quite legit, too), Producer who is interested in a project of mine. Has probably e-mailed me 9 times over the past 5 months now always saying let's talk this week, only to go MIA when I ask when is good for him, only for him to inevitably pop-up a few weeks later, apologize profusely, and do the same thing.
Haha.. I know. I've long since stopped being surprised by it or even offended. If anything I find it (a little) amusing. I had a guy last year -- a producer/actor -- who wanted to option a script of mine. We talked on the phone numerous times, and he insisted on taking me out for a beer when I was in LA for a meeting. During the beer he was acting like we were best buddies, telling me about his wife and kid, etc... We went through some notes on the script, and then I mentioned some kind of payment for the option and it was like he evaporated -- poof. Never heard from him again
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