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Default Re: PSA To All Film Schools Students and Graduates

Originally Posted by kdmccaskill View Post
I have not worked in Hollywood, but I have friends in the industry, who tell me the are living in hell, you spend 4 years learning how to write or direct, and you get out and don't write or direct because you have to eat

I blame film studios for not having programs for recruiting kids straight out of college
Ah. So via friends who tell you about what their life out here is like, you are making these blanket comments. Okay. Well, I don't know what they are doing or who they are working for, but it's a shame to hear they feel like they are living in hell. Truly. The fellow assistants I've worked with in various capacities and in various situations did well, ultimately enjoyed their jobs and learned a great deal & advanced themselves in various cases. Not every day was perfect for any us but many more were than were not. Don't know what to say.

On the other hand, friends of mine from USC got out of school and were sure they would be directing, writing and/or producing. My roommate and I decided we needed to work & eat, yes, but also wanted to be a part of it all regardless. He's now a high level, amazingly paid cable network executive who has been thanked a few times on TV at the Golden Globes. His shows have won GGs. And though again, I'm far from any big success, I still don't regret any of my work nor do others I know. Sure some folks have bad experiences and again that's terrible to hear. But not all do, is all I would like to fairly note from first hand experience being out here for 30 plus years. It depends on who you talk to and how many you ask, ultimately. Where are (quite a few of) my film school classmates who didn't just get working, as assistant? I don't know.

But as always, up to "you," how you want to approach it all. Do what makes the most sense to & for you.
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