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Default Re: PSA To All Film Schools Students and Graduates

Originally Posted by kdmccaskill View Post
I have not worked in Hollywood, but I have friends in the industry, who tell me the are living in hell, you spend 4 years learning how to write or direct, and you get out and don't write or direct because you have to eat

I blame film studios for not having programs for recruiting kids straight out of college
Oh please. Gimme. Gimme. The studios have no responsibility to do anything for anyone. Assistant jobs are the corporate mailroom jobs of the film industry. They are starting at the bottom. It's tough. The pay is crap. The hours are long. You work your way up. You network the right way, you do a great job, you can move up. You can get read.

You get roommates. You eat Raman. If you want this bad enough, you live through it. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes being smart. It takes listening more that speaking. Writing for a living is a long game.
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