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Default Re: Possible Stolen Script

Originally Posted by Travis View Post
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Long story short, a major network is producing a show that sounds EXACTLY like my screenplay. The network released an extended log line(more of a paragraph) about the show. It's set in the same region, with a female character in the same line of work, concealing a family secret and the show even has the same unusual title... (there are additional details that are the same).

I was out with this script just over a year ago to a few of the major management companies. The script went out to several financiers as a directing vehicle for myself. Momentum slowly died and it went nowhere.

Question is... shall I contact the producers of the show myself first or lawyer up immediately? Any thoughts appreciated.

The script is of course registered with the WGA, but more importantly I have a copyright on it.

Thank you.
My first instinct is to call bs. Of course, I have zero evidence that it is bs. Sure, lawyer up. But out of curiosity, what evidence do you have that it is stolen?
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