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Default Re: Effect of the Coronavirus

Originally Posted by Done Deal Pro View Post
I think it's relatively safe to go out here. Just use what precautions you can. Wash hands, use any hand sanitizers available at a location, wipe down any shopping carts before going in the store, use your elbow(s) to open doors when possible or to push elevator buttons, etc. All the things that are being recommended.

The grocery store near me was relatively quiet yesterday but still people out. (The stores are starting to feel a strain, I will add. Supplies are starting to run thin quickly, it seems.) And not to bore anyone too much, but I normally go to the gym four times a week. Not going today and not so sure about this weekend or even the next couple of weeks.

Also, my wife (and her entire office) is working from home for at least the next two weeks -- maybe longer. Looks like many other companies are doing the same. Don't stop living and doing what you need to do, I'd say, but do be as conscientious as possible about all, if you go out.

I kind of did that before this coronvirus thing, but now it seems to have leveled up defcon five. Now, I notice everyone's a little scared. They aren't touching things. When someone coughs, people tense up.

I am kind of worried I can't get basic stuff. The water was completely gone from the shelves. My relatives told me Costco was completely out of water. I just thought it was Costco, but looks like it's more widespread. It kind of sucks that some people feel the need to hoard everything at the expense of everyone else. It really feels like we're in a Science Fiction movie.
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