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Default Re: Effect of the Coronavirus

We went to the grocery late last night. My girlfriend felt we needed to stock up before everything disappeared from the shelves. I wanted to avoid the whole thing. I’m no Doomsday prepper, but as an avid backpacker and camper, I always have a ready cache of food and supplies to last awhile.

For the grocery trip, the girlfriend wanted me along because... who knows? To carry groceries, I suppose. That, and to break through the throngs to get at the items. She’s an intelligent little hummingbird of a woman and I’m a former football linebacker, so I could see the logic of her decision to ask me along for the trip.

When we arrived, customers had sacked the grocery store. This might have had something to do with the state’s governor’s edict earlier in the day to close all the schools for three weeks. All those empty shelves were an interesting sight. I’ve seen archival footage of communist Russia’s grocery stores, and last night’s grocery trip was reminiscent of those images.

Most of the fruits and vegetables were down to nothing or the dregs, however, but we found a few of those things we wanted.

Gone were all the cat food and cat litter products, too. Perhaps it will come down to eating our pets, and yes, a well-fed kitty is a delicious kitty, which will be more nutritious for everyone. I suppose the same recipes as those for suckling pigs will be used to prepare them, or the elusive Cornish Game Hen recipes.

The toilet tissue shelves also were empty. As we were about to leave that area, a woman’s voice announced on the overhead speakers that all customers would be limited to three packages of toilet tissue. What I heard was, “Comrades! You must sacrifice for the Motherland! If there is no toilet tissue, you will use the corn cobs!”

The shopping took only a half-hour or so. Apparently, not as many people eat healthy as you’d think. The worst part of the whole late-night grocery trip was the 1˝- hour wait in line to pay. The ice cream melted.
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