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Default Re: Do you have any show recommendations?

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
TV is my life. So I could list 1000 shows.

So maybe Friday give us some idea of the shows you actual love and took time to see so I can curate a better TV set list for you.

Otherwise I'll just list favorites like CHEERS and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and 24 and LOST and...

I am looking for shows that are good or interesting that I might not have noticed due to there being so much noise. There must be thousands of shows. Everyone's heard of Game of Thrones or Mad Men. But, there are a lot of good shows on the networks, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon that might be overlooked. I keep an open mind as to genres or even plot lines because after all I am there to soak up knowledge and also enjoy myself. People always ask me if I saw a certain show and I'm surprised I never heard of it---outside of the popular shows, some shows just go under the radar. I'd throw in limited series and tv movies.

Seinfeld's my favorite comedy. Quantum Leap is one of my favorite shows. I binge watched House of Cards...pretty good for the first few seasons...haven't seen the final season. 13 Reasons Why was great for the first season...haven't checked out the rest because I wasn't sure where the storyline could possibly go. Only saw the first two episodes of God Friended Me, but I really enjoyed that one. In the Dark is such a good well written. I usually like all the CW shows. I secretly watch Bachelor in Paradise.
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