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Originally Posted by jscoggins View Post
We won't be disclosing our subscriber numbers for the foreseeable future, but they're all industry pros (agents, managers, directors, producers, executives, assistants to all of the former, and a few outliers). And yes, our subscribers all pay a small monthly fee for access (currently, $19/month).
Greetings Jason,

So industry professionals pay monthly to have access to the database, while a writer would only pay $147 once. Then the writer's data is held in your database, and highlighted if it's good enough? Correct?

I like this compared to the Black List. A writer shouldn't have to pay an ongoing monthly fee. Paying for reads, yes, but a monthly fee, no. It should be the industry professionals that pay for access. And If they pay for access, they see value in the information they're getting and may be more inclined to visit the site.

Some questions:

- If an industry professional is interested in an unrepped script, how do they get their hands on it? Is is hosted on your site for them?

- What if there are more than ten top scripts that have a score above 60? Number 11 and others are not highlighted. Will they ever be found or are the top ten lists I see on your website expanded for industry professionals to include all scripts within acceptable range?

- After submitting a script for coverage, does the writer have access to anything else?

Thanks Jason.
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