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Originally Posted by Steven L. View Post
Hey Tom,

I'll have my reps sort it out after the Holidays. I really don't want that spec being covered or ranked on your website. It wasn't even something to go out into the market, but a writer's sample that slipped to a dozen companies which introduced me to the town. Basically, you guys reviewed and covered a first draft that isn't supposed to be read outside of a close circle of screenwriting colleagues and a select group of targeted execs that my reps sent it to.
I'll PM you, Steven -- I hope you'll let us take care of it now. I'm not sure how we would have captured your script if it didn't end up getting tracked on one or more of the big tracking boards, and it seems weird to me that an agent or manager would send out a first draft you weren't happy with as a sample. Regardless, the situation you describe is the exact sort of exception we're willing to make.
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