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Default Re: I did it my wayyyyyyyy

Originally Posted by KitchonaSteve View Post
Breaking Bad and Lost did not have even the first season planned out when they shot the pilot. And I would suggest going back and watching the first episode of GOT. The audience, at least the audience that hadn't read the books, had no idea how densely packed that first episode was. Starting the series with the Red Wedding would not have had the impact on the audience that it did had we not been following the Starks and their travails.
I'd heard Lost was a work in progress didn't know about Breaking Bad. I've written end towards the middle before but almost every time I've tried without a ending that's where I've finished too. Often I can't even make a start without an end - even a poor end - in mind. middles are no problem, everything mid story is soft and malleable and just waiting to be given form.
I heard the starting gun

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