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Just FYI, it's a producer's job to make the pitch deck, not yours. I don't know why they're requiring writers to submit one. Logline and script should be enough, especially for a feature. I could see asking for series doc if you're submitting a pilot, but this doesn't make sense to me.

I'd do some due diligence before putting in all that work. Research all the names on their team page. I looked at the few that are linked out to LinkedIn, and gotta be honest, I wasn't impressed. None of those guys have much of a track record in the industry. One guy was an art director turned producer.

I'd also be careful that these guys might ask for a fee down the road. There are places masquerading as production companies (Voyage Media comes to mind), where they make you pay hundreds, if not thousands to develop a script, all with no guarantees they'll even take it out. Not saying this is that type of place, but you never know. Eyes wide open and all.

I'd be more concerned about putting in all that work to develop a deck and that being all for naught. Or you get attached to people who really can't do anything for you because they're basically posers (their company name sounds too much like a famous prod co we all know).

Just tread carefully and make a sound decision.
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