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Default Posting Scripts On A Personal Website

Sorry if this doesn't belong in this forum - I wasn't sure where it should really go. But my question is this:

For the past 10+ years I've been working as an independent filmmaker and have a decently large (somewhat critically acclaimed that has left me broke and obscure) body of work. Lately, I've decided to focus on screenwriting.

I have a bunch of old scripts that'll never be made - they're from shorts that weren't shot for various logistical reasons, web series that were abandoned after a couple of episodes, TV pilots that never amounted to anything and so on.

Any thoughts on the pros and cons of posting these old scripts on my filmmaking website? They're good scripts. I was just recently rooting through my Dropbox account and reread some of them for the first time in a few years.

I was also considering posting the scripts to two TV series that I had optioned several years ago that were never made. I'm not trying to sell them anymore and they are WGAE registered, so is there any downside?

I suppose somebody could steal the ideas, but that's true of my completed shorts too. Besides, there's always the small chance somebody helpful will come across them.

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