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Default Re: Posting Scripts On A Personal Website

Originally Posted by KitesAreFun View Post
Well, I think they're good and it'd be nice for people to read them, but realistically I only have so much time to spend trying to sell/get people to look at my work and so need to focus on newer material. I'm not really actively trying to sell any of these older projects (which were written between 2011-2014) and it'd be too expensive to put every single one on the Black List.

There's no major goal per se other than having a few pre-existing writing samples on my website. As writers, we spend a lot of time working on material that not a lot of people get to see. It just seems like rather than having them collecting dust in my Dropbox account, somebody might want to read them.

I'm not saying it's a great idea or even a good one. Just wondering what other people think about it.

K, so I saw this on a screenwriters personal page today and thought it was cool.

The way she did it was, she used her website as a resume basically, listed all her scripts/work she had done, but only had samples of each one of them...

I thought that was cool, that way when you are pitching a new script, at the bottom of your query E-mail you can always post your website and let any managers/producers check out some of your other work should they be interested in what you already sent them.

It basically says "look, I'm not a one trick pony".

I would not post your whole scripts, just a synopsis and a few page sample for each. It won't help you get "discovered" on its own, but it can help a manager/producer sway one way if he sees you have various works under your belt.
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