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Default Re: Ghostbusters Trailer

Originally Posted by Madbandit View Post
Luke Cage is getting a TV series, due to his exposure on Jessica Jones. Shang-Chi will be featured on the Iron Fist TV series, and will later have a series of his own. Cyborg had a cameo in Batman vs Superman (I enjoyed the extended cut). People who have read comic books BEFORE the superhero movie/TV show craze know there are diverse characters. If the comic book industry fought against the lie Werham made about them polluting the minds of children, comic books would be more common place & diverse. I also met Mr. McFarlane. Nice guy. I've been a fan of his work for a long time.
What kind of weak argument is this? You chose three examples, two of them from TV (not from movies, which involve a much bigger investment), one of those two being merely an unfounded rumor (Shang-Chi has not been officially confirmed to be getting his own spinoff, much less appearing in "Iron Fist" -- see here:, and the lone movie example being a mere cameo rather than a starring role. My argument still stands; Hollywood is not going to spend money building movies around little-known comic book characters of color, which is why it has changed the ethnicity of some existing well-known characters instead (and which is fine if whiteness is not a defining characteristic of said characters).

Originally Posted by Madbandit View Post
Some websites that review video games have changed their policies. Also, my female relatives don't spend their lives on the Internet.
Well, that's great. But it doesn't change the fact that Feig was basing his comments on a a still very-real and prevalent scenario. And your female relatives not spending their lives on the Internet doesn't make that behavior any less troubling.

Originally Posted by Madbandit View Post
Please don't assume that I'm sexist because I don't agree with an feminist idea. That makes you paranoid and prejudiced.
I didn't call you a sexist. I said your rationale is sexist because it is merely based on the presence of women in roles once held by men rather than an actual viewing of the movie.
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