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Default Re: Do people query on weekends?

I will throw this out real quick in case it might help someone somewhere....

When sending out newsletters, for example, in general the best days of the week are considered to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mondays people are coming off a weekend. They are stumbling back into work and trying to deal with starting the new week out. They're finishing up things they didn't complete on Friday or the weekend in some cases. Lining up what's ahead that week. Then towards the end of the week things might have piled up some. Problems might have flared up from the work week they need to focus on and address. And on Friday they are trying to wrap up any issues and simply make it to the weekend to hopefully escape all.

On Tuesdays and Weds. they are settled in some. They generally have a good idea of what's going on that week. They have put out Monday's fires. Recovered from the weekend and are back in the swing of things.

I don't query (like many of you do), but I think you might find this "rule of thumb" could help. It will not always be true, of course. There are various exceptions without question. I've received queries over the weekends and at various times during the week. But quite honestly, mid-week is best for me personally when things have settled in general. Weekend queries I'll generally reply to on Mondays. And none of this is for high-level, big stuff. Not at all. Just queries for indie projects I'm trying to work on and help people with. But still not a terrible guideline to follow.

Try what you want, of course. As folks note, you never know. But you might want to shoot for what are generally considered better odds.
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