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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by Twofingeredtypist View Post
Prossibly not, but then that's what the various competitions are for. A brilliant script will place. In the meantime...

There's a ton of people who are stuck with having to concoct log lines simply because there aren't enough high-profile competitions in order to discover these SuBo scripts. People are mailing reps with loglines in the hope of getting a read.

This new Black List seems to be working on the same principal. The difference is industry folk are checking in to read these logs instead of having them appear in their inbox, coupled with the fact that the scripts WILL be covered, meaning the quality of the script has been assessed, as opposed to just the logline.

In the end, it'll all still rely on how good the script is. A SuBo script will rise...

I love the term "SuBo script".

At fifty bucks a pop, one would only hope that first reader doesn't have a tin ear.
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