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Default Re: Producer from Hell

Originally Posted by Gumsandals View Post
Way back in 2007, I signed a 1-year option for a dollar to a "producer" for one of my screenplays. Nothing happened (didn't get my dollar either). Problem was-- and still is-- he wouldn't remove my script from his slate. Emails show I told him to please do so. I then let it go as I got into rewriting it as a stage play. Over the years the play has won an award and two NYC readings. I renewed my IMDB Pro account and discovered "the producer who won't go away" was still listing my script as part of his slate through a new production company. I emailed him and again asked him to remove it unless, of course, he wanted to pay me an option fee. He told me that it was the "norm" in Hollywood to do options without an upfront fee. I find that hard to believe. Please advise oh great Done Deal Forum.
Hasn't the option in 2007 long since expired? It's been 8 years. I haven't seen an option go for more than one extension at the original length so that would be 2 years putting the expiration at 2009.

If you have the rights you can edit IMDB yourself and take that off explaining you have the rights and don't want it up there.
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