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Default Re: "Tell me about yourself"

Originally Posted by Bunker View Post
How do you handle that question at a general?

It's always been a tough one for me.

It's not like my personal story includes stints as a Navy Seal or hostage negotiator, or anything that really influences my writing.

The answer is really, "I was born. Went to college. Worked an uninteresting white-collar job and wrote on the side. And now, this sci-fi script - that has nothing to do with anything in my life - has gotten me this meeting."

I don't like having pre-rehearsed monologues, but this is the kind of question that requires some sort of prepared story, otherwise I can drift into tangents.

It's not about the landmarks in your life it's about you, the person living that life. So you're working a normal job right? Well what was it about YOU bunker working this job that made you go "in my spare time, I'm gonna write a script!" And why THIS script? Have you always wanted to be a writer? If so what got you to this point. If not, what changed?

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