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Default Re: "Tell me about yourself"

Cut to the fun bits and stuff that is unique to you. I always start at what college I went to, that I met my wife in high school, from Boston...

They are looking for some things to talk about. My writing partner is from Vegas, so he says that in a general and it's 10 minutes of talk about that...

It's just a way to get the conversation going...

If you're a comedy writer, you can also just start off with a joke and say whatever comes to you to break the ice...

"Well, I've killed 5 hookers in the past 10 years... also I'm trying a gluten free diet."

It's really just BS to get the convo going and to get a sense of the person behind the writing.

If you're from England or from Florida, that'a s different POV... just give some fun facts to get them excited about you... sell yourself kids.
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