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Thanks, Jeff. Does this still apply to the unsold writer you think?

I guess I was just so set on either it's me solo or the writing team getting the same rep. And also that I can't write for myself and with others.

Do agents like it when they rep you and you're like I"m writing with writer X on that project?

If I'm repped and the other writer isn't, I'm sure that may be an issue right?

Do you or anyone know writers who write together a lot, maybe even writing teams, but they have different reps? I think I see a lot of them have different managers, but share same agents. Or vice versa. But all writers have things they want to do themselves.

I'm unrepped right now. I wrote a TV pilot that I like, but I have lots of work with my writing partner that I love that's our team stuff -- some things we haven't finished, that I can't write myself because we developed it as a team.

And I'm interested in writing a TV pilot with writing partner because old idea we loved, but I'm asking down the line if one of us gets repped first by ourselves, can they bring the other one in for projects?

Should we seek same rep for both of us in same capacity like a manager, then eventually say look we both have separate interests so maybe we shouldn't have the same agents so we each have our own people?

I know I'm overthinking this all.

But along with the stuff I'm writing now, an old script came back to life. I gave it to a more successful writer friend who pitched it to a producer friend who is very successful writer too and maybe just maybe they'll find a way to bring back life to it. And it may involved a situation where I'm co-writing with 1 or 2 writers who are repped and I"m not. I don't know. Just guessing. Most likely nothing happens, but you get my question.
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