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Default Re: Managers -- What Is and Is Not An Ideal Relationship

Originally Posted by finalact4 View Post
follow up question...

when i asked my manager if it would be seen on Tracking B he said that it would appear on racking boards but that Tracking B was something for writers and not an industry tracking board. he said if you want me to get it on Tracking B he said he could, but the industry doesn't use it they have internal tracking boards. i said, nah, if it doesn't matter then don't bother.

can someone confirm or correct this?
There's Trackingb and Tracking-Board. Specs that go out might get a listing on either or both. The first one I went out with also got a Heat Meter write up that my manager churned out to drum up interest. People still look at those, I guess, but they're not as trafficked as they were five years ago.

And there are internal boards as well. I've never been on them, but I know about them through friends. GGXXX will have better insight on those, I'm sure.
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