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good discussion.

i canít deny that you make strong points from my understanding and view; but iím not entirely convinced that shawshank is a story about hope. i see it mainly as a story about nobility. as i look at the pro/con sides of the equation; i see andy, red, and the other prisoners as being noble when they have no reason to be. society doesnít expect it from them and they donít expect it from themselves; yet they are. and on the con side, i see the warden, andyís wife, the guards, etc. as people who are in a power-position and by all rights they should act noble, yet they donít. although we donít meet andyís wife (that i recall), her lack of noble character is the cause for the effect of the story that we follow.

good point about presentation, i also donít see order as having much to do with story meaning. i believe what a story communicates rises above the limited trappings of the design.

oops, off again so not able to follow.
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