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Default Re: Your Modus Operandi

I'm not a pro writer or anything, but here is my MO:

I come up with an idea, I do an outline. Not a whole bunch -- think wiki style plot synopsis. I make sure to have major points worked out -- End of Act 1, Midpoint, End of Act 2, Climax, End.

Then I go for it. I can get the first draft done in 1.5-2 months.

But now, let me tell you where a lot of my time goes...

Scrapping ideas. I have this disease where I come up with and idea, outline it, maybe write a few pages, and then...scrap. I'll argue myself into doing it, having fallen out of love with the idea.

I try to tell myself that if the love stays then it was meant to be written. I dunno what it is. I'm too young in my writing quest to say. Hopefully years from now I'll understand what it is. But it does waste a lot of time. And it is very frustrating.
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